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Endnotes in epub2 don't work when using split document by paragraph style

After exporting to a reflowable epub 2.0.1, endnotes don't work when you have selected to split the epub using paragraph styles based on export label.

Thanks in advance

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  • Richard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I had hoped the recent updates to InDesign would fix this issue, but sadly it persists. When exporting to reflowable ePub, endnote links don't work if "Split document" is ticked on the export options.

    Here is an example of what InDesign currently produces:
    <span id="endnote-061-backlink"><a class="_idEndnoteLink _idGenColorInherit" href="#endnote-061">61</a></span>

    This is what SHOULD be produced:
    <span id="endnote-061-backlink"><a class="_idEndnoteLink _idGenColorInherit" href="../Text/File_Name-15.xhtml#endnote-061">61</a></span>

    And here is an example of the backlink in the endnotes:
    <span id="endnote-000"><a class="_idEndnoteAnchor _idGenColorInherit" href="#endnote-061-backlink">61</a> Endnote Text Here</span>

    This is what SHOULD be produced:
    <span id="endnote-061"><a class="_idEndnoteAnchor _idGenColorInherit" href="../Text/File_Name-2.xhtml#endnote-061-backlink">61</a> Endnote Text Here</span>

    Note that the correct path and filename are missing from the href attribute.

  • Mahmoud Mohamed commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    I have been waiting to add this feature to InDesign "footnote to end note issue"
    Thanks for adding it in the new version

    But when I export my file to a reflowable epub, and of course my file contain a split option the epub comes out with no end notes links
    I have to not include the epub split option in the export options to get my endnotes with 2 ways direction

    could you please help, it is serious, currently I use script to link back the references with text and it work in the final result

    but I prefer to add this to the indesign itself


  • Anne-Marie Concepcion commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Approximately 99% of books that get exported to epub from InDesign are split into chapters via the numerous features Adobe built into InDesign for doing so. Please fix the broken endnotes! Just look at how you're indexes, which works perfectly.

  • Robert Kern commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Endnotes break when exporting to ePub or HTML. The first note is correct, but subsequent notes lose their note number and link.

  • Adrian Yudeson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently, if the Epub is exported into multiple .xhtml files, the Epub references don't work since they are local.

    Instead, make the endnote links and their back links refer to the proper xhtml file.

  • Monica Singh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Gret,

    Thanks for writing to us. I understand your workflow and can see it is not working but since, in case of split paragraph style split epub in new chapters, endnote referencing lost its context which is why it is not working. Please share an outline of your workflow explaining its importance.

    InDesign Team

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