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  2. Steps to reproduce the issues
  3. Expected result
  4. Actual result
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If you are facing a crash in InDesign, please submit the crash report as well. How to Submit Crash Report
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  1. InDesign False Ligatures Bug

    InDesign sometimes, seemingly randomly, replaces pairs such as hn, il, io, sy, ek, etc. with completely wrong glyph, such as accented Y, U, etc., when regular Ligature setting is applied. This has been a problem since CS5 and we recently had it occur in CC2015, so it is still there. Affected fonts have been many over the years, including licensed Adobe fonts. Fonts can be Open Type or PostScript. Language setting can be English US, UK, or seemingly anything else. The only thing that works to avoid it is to turn off Ligatures which is generally unacceptable, so the only…

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  2. Export to PDF crashes when Printer's Marks checked on in PDF export window menu (Indesign 14.0.1 )

    When I leave Printer's Marks unchecked, Indesign exports effortlessly.

    Crashing while exporting to PDF happens with any design, regardless of the contents in the design (RGB, .ai files, etc.)

    I have tested it on exporting older designs that have already been sent to print with printer's marks, prior to this issue.

    Note: checking or unchecking Bleed and Slug don't interfere – only Printer's Marks do.

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