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Can't delete InDesign color swatch

Documents inherit a swatch from a picked-up file and the swatch can not be deleted.

1) This problem has existed for us since at least InDesign CS4 and persists through the current CC 2018 build (13.1).

2) In the attached file, "Select All Unused" in the Swatches panel. There is no content at all in the file. All objects have been deleted, as have all text and object styles. Try to delete the unused process color swatch, "C=80 M=76 Y=70 K=73."

3) We expect the unused swatch to be deleted.

4) Trash can icon in Swatches panel is grayed out and unselectable.

We have tried renaming the swatch, creating an identical swatch in Illustrator, placing and deleting both .ai and .eps files and merging the swatch with other swatches.

This issue is also present in other legacy files with different swatches.

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  • Gus O commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Is this still under review, since April 18? I mean, I need to send this template to another designer, and I don't want him to get confused about these ramdom swatches in this file. Can someone at ADOBE please CARE????

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just follow below given steps:

    Step 1 : make same color swatch with spot in illustrator as .eps file.

    Step 2 : Place .eps file in your document and then

    Step 3 : Delete the placed object, when you are deleting your object after that delete icon activate/appear in swatch dialog box.


  • Paul Rosenberg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @amaarora : Thank you, Aman. The file was a "Save As…" from previous files. This swatch issue has proliferated to thousands of other files in our workflow as we work from pickups of prior jobs.

    I suspect that the original problem was introduced years with a placed die line file from a print vendor. There are some files that include the spot swatch "Artios_Cut" which similarly can not be deleted.

    We are able to change that spot color to process, change its build and its name, but it is persistently resistant to deletion once introduced to a file and every file saved from that file. Once in, it can't be deleted.

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