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file name variable shows extension when placed in another document

This is specific use that may not apply to most users, but it did work in previous versions. In Indesign 13.0.1, create a file that uses the file name text variable and then place this document into another document. The text variable should show the name of the file minus the file extension, and it shows correctly in the first file. But when you place the ID file into another file, the extension shows. This worked in previous versions of ID and caught me by surprise when it didn't work in the latest version, forcing me to use the additional step of exporting the first file as a PDF and replacing the linked document with that. This may seem minor, but I do quite a few of these and the extra step is time consuming.

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  • Monica Singh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for reporting your findings. As placed InDesign file is showing the file extension even when "include file extension" option is unchecked, this is not an expected behavior.

    Thanks for reporting this. We are looking into it.


  • Diane commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I stand corrected. I thought sure I was seeing the extension go away as long as it was linked to an up-to-date ID file, but I looked back, and I do have the extension on the final files I created this way. I still consider it a bug. If I wanted the extension to show, I would have clicked on the option to show extension. Now I need to go back and replace all those embedded ID files with PDFs. Some of them have already been printed, so I will have to replace the print files next time we reprint. Grrr.

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