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Grouped items revert to previous layers when moved then ungrouped

InDesign CC 13.1, Windows 10

When I have a group that contains items from various layers, and I move this to a new layer, when I ungroup those items they revert back to their original layers.

I understand the concept that grouping remembers layers, and I like this feature! It used to bug me that grouping brought everything onto the same layer, sometimes altering the appearance. However this seems like an unintended consequence.

Say I have an item on Layer 1 and an item above it on Layer 2. Grouping these items makes them both "appear" to be on Layer 2, which is great. I then use the layers palette to move these items up to Layer 3. When I ungroup them, they revert to Layers 1 and 2.

This shouldn't happen, because I have moved them since I grouped them, which should override their previous layer designations.

Comments welcome if you feel like this would cause other issues!

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  • Gemma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree that once a group is moved it should then forget the original layers, or at least have preference to toggle on whether it does so or not.

    Just lately, in the last update or so (CC 2019), I've noticed that if I group several objects on one single layer, then move that group to another layer and ungroup them, they will all return to the original layer. It can't be an intended consequence that ungrouping returns objects to a different layer even if they were all part of the same layer in the first place?

    I wasn't previously aware of this feature but I've had to look it up to turn it off. Googling suggests it's been around since at least 2014, was it that I've never had it turned on and one of the latest updates now turns it on by default? Or has it always been on and now it's not working as expected/been "improved"?

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes this is happening to me as well I have a set of grouped items from one file that I pasted into another file on a new layer (layer 2) but when I come to ungroup them they all jump to layer 1. This makes no sense to me.

  • Andrewtb333 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    OK, imagine you're making a map and have everything on two layers: "Shapes" and "Text". Text is at the top. You make information bubbles that are always on top of everything else, which consist of a circle and a text box over it, on their respective layers. Group them so they are always moved together.

    We then later on make another layer called "Images" at the top and place images on it. We want the images to be on top of the shapes, but now they cover the information bubbles, which are supposed to be the topmost things. So create another layer called "Bubbles", select all the bubbles and drag them to the "Bubbles" layer which is now the top layer.

    The important thing here is that I have moved these grouped objects to a new layer, so in my mind they have been re-homed.

    Later on I decide that I want the proportions of the bubbles to be different, with a bigger circle but the text the same. I ungroup the objects, and any of them that are on top of an image now disappear because they have gone back to their original layers.

    My suggestion is that once a grouped object has been moved to a new layer, the objects it consists of should permanently be moved there and given the stack order that it had based on the previous layer assignments.

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