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3 types of consistent crashes during past 3 months

Using version 14.0.2 x64 under Windows 10.

Working on a 356-page book. Three types of crashes occur consistently:

1 - When I export to PDF.
2 - When I add pages, usually in increments of 10.
3 - When I switch between single-page layout and 2-page spread layout.

After every crash, when I go to open the file, inDesign offers to auto recover the file. When I say yes, InDesign warns me that the file might be corrupt. I always open anyway. After 3 months working on this book, I can't afford to start over, so I hope for the best.

Three of the crashes have caused significant problems.

1 - The first 38 pages had been deleted. I had to completely redo them.
2 - The even-page master had been applied to all pages. I had to highlight all the odd pages and re-apply the odd-page master.
3 - Tonight's crash resulted in master pages designations and therefore page numbers on all 356 pages being deleted. I have to highlight all the odd pages, re-apply the odd-page master, highlight all the even pages, and re-apply the even-page master.

I have been using InDesign since the PageMaker days but my experience over these past three months is going to cause me to look elsewhere.... Word, Blurb, etc.

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