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"Rolloff" in Animationpanel not working in CC2017 / CC2018 / MAC / WINDOWS

I am working on a diplom project right now, and faced a really annoying bug in InDesign. I want to create a rollover bar, wich slides up when I rollover / hover with my mouse over a certain object. I know without any kind of problems how I am able to create something like this, but my problem is, that the object simply wont return to its destination where it came from, when I rolloff it again, like going away with my mouse. It stays on its place once the animation has been completed, and when I hover over it again, the animations simply restarts. Hard to explain, easy to understand once you see it yourself.


Try it yourself, hover over the 3 lines on the bottom, a bar should come up. Go away with mouse, it redoes the animation again, while it normaly should go down where it came from, when "Rolloff" in the Animationpanel is activated.

Side-note: Exporting it with "Rolloff" deactivated does the exact same thing, so it seems like, that the tool "Rolloff" has no real function.


In this YouTube tutorial, you can clearly see, someone achieving what I want in Adobe CS5, 7 years ago! A update for this section would also be great sometime, but it just seems like nothing has changed over the past 7 years.

It doesnt matter if I try to succeed in this in CC17 / CC18 / Mac or Windows, both do not work.

This is a tool that is so great to have, but it simply stops me from working correctly, because I am not able to use it. Please fix this as fast as possible. I am not doing all this for fun, I got a diplom project to complete, and just want to make it a little bit nicer by using things like the Animationpanel, instead of simple buttons only.

Best Regards,
Adam V.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Admin, that is not good enough. Essentially, you need to ensure that your 'labels' are correct in the first place otherwise people spend hours and days designing things when they shouldn't be. That is your job to get right in the first place. Another example of this is that under the 'digital publishing' workspace you have given users access to 'buttons, forms, checkboxes, rollovers etc.' when most of these don't work............ only under the 'interactive pdf' workspace. Why have you then 'labelled' these under the 'Digital Publishing' workspace? That's like a car dealer selling a car where the engine doesn't work, so they come back and tell us they labelled the engine wrong by mistake... this is more than just Adobe changing labels, this is breach of your faulty products.....

  • Adam Vinkovic commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ok, I get it, FLASH only. But exporting as SWF doesnt even work for me, shows me a blank page in my browser, seems very outdated. I couldnt even find a good tutorial from nowadays showing me, how it is done right. Previewing as SWF in InDesign works great, because of flash.

    Now, the thing I dont get is, what you mean by "seperate roll on action". Where do I find this option? I cant add a second animation on the same grouped object. If I take the grouped rollover bar, duplicate it, and set one for starting the animation and the other one for reversing it, how do I make that look right? Maybe my explination is also totally wrong, and I simply dont get the point. I know that I would be able to set a secondary role on action in the Animation Panel, but there are like only 4 options... Loading Page / Click on page / Click / Rollover.... there is no rolloff or adding rollover twice...

    And in my opinion, it should be a bug. I really dont get the point of beeing able to set and play a animation in HTML, but simply not beeing able to reverse it. If it literally works on every website, then it also should work on HTML in InDesign. There is just a missing code or something behind that option in InDesign, the possibility of recreating something like this in HTML is there, because like every website uses HTML and uses those kind of effects.

    Also, those interactive panels look totally identically since the past 7 years, it just feels like they simply do not care about that area anymore. Its just not normal that you have to do so big work arrounds to get something to work, even exporting those files is a myth. Interactive PDF > no anims, aswell as not all interactive functions work in PDF / SWF > blank page, and flash is also getting old and outdated, not getting used anymore and replaced by HTML / EPUB same thing as HTML.

    There is no single correct way right now! Just a few "houndreds" seperated by pros and cons.

  • F vd Geest commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Remember: this is a FLASH ONLY option when you choose ‘revert on roll off’. The solution is very simple for the other format: ePub/HTML: define a seperate roll on action (start animation) and one other roll off action (reverse animation). The principle works, in 99% of the case things ‘go wrong’ the designer forgot to check or indeed uncheck some options and in a lot of cases it has to do with the order (on top, or a called animation that plays under or on top of the button that calls it) of elements on the page. In any case it is not a bug, but it is sometimes hard to get right, sometines starting fresh with a tight outlined pkan can help.

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