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Adam Vinkovic

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    Adam Vinkovic commented  · 

    Ok, I get it, FLASH only. But exporting as SWF doesnt even work for me, shows me a blank page in my browser, seems very outdated. I couldnt even find a good tutorial from nowadays showing me, how it is done right. Previewing as SWF in InDesign works great, because of flash.

    Now, the thing I dont get is, what you mean by "seperate roll on action". Where do I find this option? I cant add a second animation on the same grouped object. If I take the grouped rollover bar, duplicate it, and set one for starting the animation and the other one for reversing it, how do I make that look right? Maybe my explination is also totally wrong, and I simply dont get the point. I know that I would be able to set a secondary role on action in the Animation Panel, but there are like only 4 options... Loading Page / Click on page / Click / Rollover.... there is no rolloff or adding rollover twice...

    And in my opinion, it should be a bug. I really dont get the point of beeing able to set and play a animation in HTML, but simply not beeing able to reverse it. If it literally works on every website, then it also should work on HTML in InDesign. There is just a missing code or something behind that option in InDesign, the possibility of recreating something like this in HTML is there, because like every website uses HTML and uses those kind of effects.

    Also, those interactive panels look totally identically since the past 7 years, it just feels like they simply do not care about that area anymore. Its just not normal that you have to do so big work arrounds to get something to work, even exporting those files is a myth. Interactive PDF > no anims, aswell as not all interactive functions work in PDF / SWF > blank page, and flash is also getting old and outdated, not getting used anymore and replaced by HTML / EPUB same thing as HTML.

    There is no single correct way right now! Just a few "houndreds" seperated by pros and cons.

    Adam Vinkovic shared this idea  · 

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