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Export All Alternate Layouts as PDFs With Layout Name

I use the alternate layout tool a lot to group different sized content in the same InDesign file.

While I know I can select the layout as a range during export, it would be a huge timesaver to be able to export all of my layouts as separate PDFs and then just add the alternate layout name to the end of the PDF file.

Ideally this could be a check box in the export settings "export each alternate layout as a separate file"

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  • Zach Barner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Ravi,

    I'm currently using CC 2019 (14.0.1). The "Create Separate PDF Files" option is great, but makes each page a separate PDF. My alternate layouts often have more than one page so this doesn't exactly solve my issue.

    I know its a bit granular, but having a export option like "Create Separate PDF Files" for all alternate layouts would be a huge help.

    Ideally this could even put the alternate layout name at the end of the file name.

    For example:

    My Company Stationery file could contain 3 design options as different alternate layouts. When I export the file I'd like to export all 3 designs at the same time and label them like below:

    Company Stationary_Option 1.pdf
    Company Stationary_Option 2.pdf
    Company Stationary_Option 3.pdf

    Hope this helps better explain what I'm looking for. Please let me know if you need any other information.

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