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Allow multiple files and Excel in Data Merge

Allow multiple files in data merge. Excel should also be possible as an import.

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Daniel Steiger shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • SonicTheHedgehog commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    XLSX support would be a great thing. XLS is from 2011 (or older) so not strongly required.

    All of our clients submit their data via Excel. And it's every time a start from the scratch.

    Meanwhile we use Mydatamerge ( which claims itself to be the missing interface for Indesigns data merge.
    And it does a perfect job. We can just swap excel files while keeping all of our configurations. New client data -> two clicks... merge. Have a look Adobe - that's how modern data merge interface looks like.

    One thing MyDataMerge already does would be great also: Please support sheet selection and keeping linebreaks from within cells!

  • Bastian Saris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    CSV is very annoying indeed - you just need someone to open it with the wrong settings or save it with the wrong encoding and you're screwed – Something that wouldn't happen using .xls files.

    e.g.: file seperated with tabs gets opened with different options and saved again => broken ; If that file had "komma" values like 3,5 ... it could also end up with more clumns than it had before if it gets handled wrong. and sadly enough this happens a lot.

    Also extra tabs etc. in Data break it way too easily.

    DataMerge is awesome and we use it to produce thousands of pages for Mailings, etc. – but it could be improved a lot.

    Also i'td be nice to be able to export in .pdf chunks of 500 "Entries" per Page.
    + using facing pages with datamerge has been broken forever - if you need more than one page it only works with single pages... - i could go on and on and on... :·)

    I thought adobe products would improve with montly cloud fees :/ feels like it's only getting worse in some parts... kinda makes me sad.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A revamp of Data Merge is much needed: it is becoming increasingly buggy and less useful as time goes on. (preview bug, missing values bug, @symbol needed in image columns,…)

    Using an ExCel file as a source is a much needed addition:
    1/ ExCel is a standard spreadsheet format.
    2/ Most Data used in a lay-out is delivered to us through ExCel, so we win quite some time/money if we can skip conversions.
    3/ Most spreadsheet apps can reliably convert to ExCel, but conversion to CSV remains problematic.
    4/ Changing data rapidly is easier if the data file is a simple ExCel file.
    5/ If a solid ExCel standard (.xlsx?) can be decided upon, this could become a standard way of working with data.

  • Wolf Kamm commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    re. 1.: I would suggest allowing to link multiple source files and use any column of any linked file anywhere in the document.
    re. 2.: Either require a master file as soon as more that one source file is linked or treat heads like formats: In case of identical names, assume their data is to be cumulated under one and the same head. In case of non-identical names, assume it’s a new column and add a new head to the panel.
    re. 3.: Using an XLS(X) with contemporary text encoding support of course saves time and possible errors compared to having to create CSVs with very limited text encoding support.

  • Daniel Steiger commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1. In the case of serial letters, give it often several languages or other variations. For all this variations you need to create a new file.
    2. For example, the table heads can be simply listed, so that the contents can be used wherever you need.
    3. Actually, Excel is used by many users. Now a CSV-File must be created from every Excel-Data. In case of subsequent changes, the procedure starts from the beginning. In several variants (e.g., languages) is it very tough

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