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Data Merge Preview drops Paragraph Styles with Nested Styles

Suppose you want to merge data, and format it with nested styles. For example, you want one word to be red, and the other blue. If the cell is empty, remove the line.

This works as intended until you 'Preview' the document. When you view a record without data, then move to the next, the paragraph style is lost entirely!

For example, I use this technique to merge many restaurant menus for many locations. A food item is regular up to a '$'. Then the price is italicized. Some locations don't offer this item. If I were to Preview one location's menu, then turn off Preview, and forget to reapply the style, then everyone's menu is effected.

To illustrate, I've attached a super simple example. When you open the doc, the paragraph style is applied to the middle line. Turn on preview, and click [>] to the 3rd record. You see the paragraph style disappear all together.

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  • NEU! commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I want to chime in here: I found out that an individual string in bulletpoint&numbering has this effect too.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a similar manifestation of the same issue.
    I want to use a database to populate a table of headshot images for a sports squad, showing the name and position in one colour and individual sponsor (IF A SPONSOR EXISTS) in another colour
    Leaving a blank for empty fields works fine until we come back to a sponsored player, whereon we find that his sponsor's name is now being shown in the same colour as name and position.
    This happens regardless of whether I use paragraph rules or backgrounds to make the colour and regardless of whether I use paragraph styles to define the style for each line.

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