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Pantone Solid Spot colors added from InDesign to a CC Library become Magenta Process colors in Illustrator

I already reported this on the Illustrator uservoice site, but did not see any reaction so far. I think it is a big bug when (spot) colors color cannot be shared reliably between Adobe applications:
A Pantone Solid Spot color (or any Lab spot color) added to a CC library in InDesign will become 100% Magenta CMYK Process color in the Swatches panel when added from the CC library by double clicking in Illustrator.
See also: https://illustrator.uservoice.com/forums/601447-illustrator-bugs/suggestions/34291627-pantone-solid-spot-colors-added-from-indesign-to-a?tracking_code=8ff2c6d23ad86db2b07d1c16c7e36e2d

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  • Katie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Serious problems with CC Library swatches across InDesign and Illustrator.

    In regards to the original issue of this post, if I create a Pantone swatch in InDesign, save it to CC Libraries, open Illustrator, right-click the swatch in Libraries panel and choose Edit, it THEN adds a CMYK magenta swatch. It doesn't even give me dialogue box for editing the swatch, just adds it to the swatches panel. It retains the name of the Pantone colour though once in the document.

    Secondary issue: In Illustrator, if you right-click that same swatch from the Libraries panel and choose 'add colour to swatches' then it adds TWO RGB spot colour swatches?!?! This is into a CMYK document as well. The swatch is now named with RGB values, so there's no reference to the Pantone colour it came from.

    Third issue: If you create a CMYK swatch in Illustrator with a that's NOT a global swatch and add it to CC Libraries, then it strips whatever name it had and names it with the HEX code. If you make the swatch global and add it to Libraries then it will retain the name, BUT if you try to import that swatch into InDesign it adds it as a CMYK spot colour!

    All these bugs are beyond a joke. I can't believe there's no cross-program compatibility for swatches! I'll go back to importing .ase files until this is resolved.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a huge problem. I am also struggling with the creative cloud library feature, as most of my work ends up in print in CMYK format, and my whole purpose for using the libraries is to document the CMYK colors. Help please?

  • RY commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I loaded a swatch from the Pantone Process Coated color book library – figure 1. I save it to the creative cloud library and double-click on the color swatch in the library panel – figure 2. I view the swatch in the creative cloud library web interface – figure 3. I opening the document and import the swatch double-click on the swatch in the swatches panel – figure 4.

    This problem has two parts: once added to creative cloud library you cannot preview or be shown in the web interface the CMYK value. The second part is with Pantone process colors if you go through the library's it strips the Pantone information leaving just the CMYK values.

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