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Repeatable InDesign Crash with Open Office Data in the Clipboard

I am running InDesign CC, the current version as of March 2018, however I have seen this same bug in older versions of the program. It is not unique to this version.

We use Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0. If there is ANYTHING in the clipboard copied from ANY part of Open Office, it will cause a repeatable InDesign crash. The clipboard data could be text from the OpenOffice Writer program or cell data from the OpenOffice Calc program...it doesn't matter.

With Open Office data in the clipboard, if I attempt to use any of the right-click menus, or choose an item from the toolbar, such as EDIT, InDesign will immediately crash. If I open the exact same InDesign file but copy some data from another program (text from an email, text from notepad, etc.) into the clipboard, then InDesign works fine.

This crash is repeatable and consistent and has been a bug within InDesign for at least two years.

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Fix of the issue is now available in InDesign’s latest March ’18 update.
Please upgrade to the latest version InDesign CC 13.1 for the fix.

If you are unable to see the update, go to Creative Cloud application and click on the context menu on the top right and click on Check for App Updates.

InDesign Team

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