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Excel filter rejects custom Cell Range for 26-column sheets (.xlsx-only)

Excel filter rejects custom Cell Range for 26-column sheets (.xlsx-only)

Steps to reproduce the issues:
1. Create a new document.
2. Select File > Place, check Show Import Options, select attached Columns_26.xlsx file.
3. Note nonstandard default Cell Range: A1:A@10 (should be A1:Z10).
4. Enter custom (valid) Cell Range "A1:E5"

Expected result:
No error and a table containing cells A1 through E5.

Actual result:
Error message, "You have not entered a valid 'Cell Range'. (See attached screenshot.)

This error is given for any sheet whose right-most column is a multiple of 26 (so Z, AZ, BZ, etc.). Place the attached Columns_52.xlsx with range "A1:E5", for example.

Adding/removing a column (attached Columns_27.xlsx file) avoids the error.

Versions of Adobe InDesign:
CS6 through CC 2018.0, Windows and macOS

Test files and screenshot of error attached.

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  • Paul commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have looked further into tableFormattingOptions via javascript.

    I in fact can successfully set the following:



    but I cannot set



    When attempting to set these last two, the result is EXCEL_UNFORMATTED_TABLE.

    So, there's a bug. I'm using a Mac and CC2019. I hope this helps. Thanks!

  • Paul commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also cannot set the excel import options table formatting options via script. I use the following line:

    app.excelImportPreferences.tableFormatting = TableFormattingOptions.EXCEL_FORMATTED_TABLE;

    If the UI import option panel says Unformatted before I run the script, the placed excel xlsx document remains unformatted after I run the script. If I check after running the previous line with:

    alert (app.excelImportPreferences.tableFormatting)

    I am alerted the the setting is the one I wanted, e.g. formatted, yet the resulting placed content is unformatted.

    I hope you can set me straight on this one. Thanks!

  • Monica Singh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks Chris, for reporting the issue!
    We are able to reproduce the issue at our end and will be investigating this further.

    Monica Singh

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