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Numbered list gets corrupted when saved and opened as idml

Version: Indesign CC 13.0 x64 Windows (and Indesign CC 2017)

1. Create 2 paragraphstyles
2. For ParagraphStyle 1 set bullets and numbering To List Type 'Numbers' and name it 'Multiple Choice' (or something else) and Level 1
3. For ParagraphStyle 2 base it on ParagraphStyle 1 and change the text color
4. Create some paragraphs with different combinations of these styles.
5. Save as idml
6. Open the idml
7. Look at the paragraphs of the second paragraphstyle, you will notice that paragraphStyle 2 has a numbering of his own and no longer the mix with paragraphstyle 1.

Expected result: Same as before the save to idml. A list with a. b. c. d. e.
Actual result: list looks wrong like a. a. b. b. c.

It only happens when the second paragraphstyle is based on the first style. But working with styles that are not based on eachother is going back in time.

Attached you will find the correct indd that you can save as idml and see the result.
Also I added 2 screenshots, 1 correct, 1 wrong after idml.

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