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Keyboard shortcut for inserting Unicode glyphs

Accessibility and other forms of automated publishing require the correct Unicode glyphs.

These glyphs include punctuation, math/science symbols, foreign language characters, and bullets/symbols. In 2000, Unicode became the default character set worldwide across the technology industries.

But we have no way to easily insert these glyphs into InDesign layouts. For example, if I need the math multiplication symbol rather than a lower case "x", I need to either scroll through the glyph dialogue box, or know beforehand the symbol's codepoint 2715 and type it into the Unicode field in the glyph dialogue box.

Too slow! Especially when you have to use a lot of these glyphs in a document.

Word has a keyboard short that works beautifully:
type the 4-5 digit codepoint for the symbol you need, followed by Alt+x and it will look back over the digits and replace them with the correct Unicode symbol. Takes less than a second to insert the Unicode glyph.

InDesign needs this, too!

Examples of some commonly Unicode codepoints are:
Em-Dash U+2014
Division (math) U+00F7
Copyright U+00A9
Black square bullet U+20A0
Thumbs Up Emoji U+1F44D
Summation (math) U+2211 and not the Greek language letter capital Sigma

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