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Updating to Mac OSX Mojave, Indesign now behaving slow and shortcut make new document does not work anymore

Drawing a box, moving it around etc is now a kind of laggy. Moves but slow and kind of stuttering.

The GUI overall, menus etc, behaves a bit slower as well. Not much but not as quick and responsive at it was in Sierra.

Have tried de-activating GPU but that has no difference at all.

I have the latest version, 14.0.2.
Updated to Mojave because the Adobe chat support suggested that would help out some other issues I have had.
One reason was that command + new shortcut stopped working. And now it stopped working again...

Same thing happens in Illustrator so it seems to be something of a Mojave comparability?

Other software (non-adobe) seems to be just fine though.

Using a Imac 2017, i7, 32 ram, 1 tb ssd.

I'm a big fan of technology but in Adobes case it seems as going back a few years actually was better having a lot fewer issues in the software.
(For me it all started with the bloody CC subscription thing.)

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  • Conny Lindström commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Update to the shortcut new document not working:
    Seems to be caused by the setting "Show ‘Start’ Workspace When No Documents Are Open.

    If I uncheck that function the shortcut for new document does not work.
    If I activate the function the shortcut now works properly.

    Some weird things going on here...

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