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Anchored Textframes with Auto adjusting height within a Textfreame

1. CC 2018 – 13.1 (Can't update to CC 2019 right now because of Plugins)
- Create a big "master" Text frame
- Create 2 more text frames that auto adjust in height and fill them with lorem ipsum or any text.
- Paste those two text frames into the first created "master" Text frame
- Change the Text in the first Text frame (Add some empty lines or remove text) and see InDesign fail to update.
3. Expected result: Should be pretty obvious... InDesign should not fail to update the current view.
4. Actual Result: All Textframes are misaligned because InDesign does not update correctly – If you dare to move the "master" text frame now it gets even stranger. - The only way to update it to the correct look is to force InDesign to update the text frame by changing something like space after in the "master" text frame. (See video and Screenshot attached)
5. See attachment
6. Usecase: for Example DatabasePublishing inline publication - where every here shown "Textframe" would be a product within a Page – But it is impossible to work like this! – I could be wrong but i have a feeling that this is happening since the disapearing Tablehead bug got fixed (unconfirmed...) i don't have the option to test it in an older or newer version - but we never had this issue before.

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    I have the same problem (also CC18). Really annoying when you have a lot of connected textframes and oversee one of those misaligned ones.

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