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Button area changes size when adding object that only appears on rollover

I am having issues with buttons, rendering my project entirely unusable.

When creating buttons on a map:
- Each button is a building on the map.
- When you rollover the building with your mouse, a box appears that gives more information about the building.

To accomplish this, I create the button, set it to change on rollover, and drag my additional graphic into the rollover state for that button on the layers panel.

The issue I'm having is that instead of the overall button size staying the same, once I add that additional graphic in the rollover, the size of the button increases to include the graphic that only displays on rollover.

As there are many buttons on my map, this creates unwanted overlap between the buttons, making it entirely unusable.

How do I get the size of the button to stay the same, yet still display an additional graphic on rollover? I used to be able to do this, but CC2018 won't allow this functionality.

I am using CC2018, 13.0.1 x64
Running on Microsoft Surface Pro 4

In the attached screenshots, every yellow building is a button.
I have it set to change to blue on rollover, and display the information about the building.

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