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Digits after spaces appear out of order

1. InDesign CC 2017.1
I had previously used Arabic support, and this may be contributing to the problem, even after changing Preferences back to "English (North America)" the problem persists.

2. Create text box. Type any digit, then a space, then any digit.

3. Digits should appear left to right.

4. The digit after the space jumps to the left of the first digit and includes a space after. Cursoring with arrow keys through the type makes the cursor position jump around, so the misplaced digit is still reading as after sequentially, but is now to the left of the previous digits (really screwy!).

5. Screen shot is the result of typing "12 space 34 space 5 space 6 space 7"

This is a MAJOR issue and a MASSIVE LIABILITY.

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  • Sam commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    After having done one project using Arabic language preferences, even after changing back to the English: USA dictionary, files sometimes default to Arabic in the language setting. When this happens, numerical lists display right to left, so typing 1 <space> 2 <space> 3 results in "3 2 1"

    I now have to double check every text box to be sure English: USA is the selected language to avoid catastrophe.

  • Adminamaarora (Software Engineer, Adobe InDesign) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You mentioned that you have changed Preferences back to "English (North America)".. do you mean language settings from the Character panel?
    In the text box with which you face the problem can you see what happens when you change the composer to Adobe Paragraph composer from the paragraph panel menu?
    Since you were working with Arabic it is likely that inDesign has changed the writing direction to Right to Left.


  • Sam commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This has something to do with Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer vs. Adobe Paragraph Composer.

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