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Use of Adobe Camera Raw (engine) on Stock Images or CC Libs

inDesign requires a way to incorporate the Adobe Camera Raw engine, because there is really NO need for a graphic designer to open an image into Photoshop to just adjust the lighting.

Right now, the process of adjusting the Colors of any image brought inside of inDesign (exception be made of the gray scale images that can be tinted), consists in opening the file inside Photoshop, editing, saving back to see the adjustments.

If the original was a .PSD, this is still a non destructive workflow.

Now, with a .JPG image I have 2 choices :
1. I only need that JPG once (forever) : I can flatten my document and save the transformed version with no going back (EVER)
2. I want versions (a grayscale for a page, a coloured tinted version, for the table of contents, a regular one styled… and I’ll need to save a working psd, amongst the file. That’s one more file.

And now, what happens when you’re downloading an Adobe Stock image (JPG?) :
Where do you store you psd ?
What about editing later ?…

Now, imagine I could place ANY image (psd/jpg/cclib/Stock) in inDesign.
THEN, on top of that you apply the equivalent of the Camera Raw filter found in Photoshop : no transforms/crop, mostly the lights and colors, plus, of course, the presets, to allow that filter at the inDesign frame level (imagine a frame that would be styled, we have that for strokes, transparency, etc…)
It also means that the original Adobe Stock image or jpeg remains UNCHANGED/UNTOUCHED, making it a go-to solution for all graphic designers.

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    This looks more like a feature modification request. Adobe Stock Team is currently reviewing this.

    Indesign Team

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