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high sierra and Creative Suite

I discovered an interesting bug concerning the Adobe CC suite and the HighSierra OS. Let me explain :
I'm using a LaCie Firewire 800 external hard drive on which I'm recording completed jobs.
Regularly, but not always, when using the InDesign or PhotoShop drop-down menu, the cursor takes the form of the multi-color wheel and blocks any action until I force the external hard drive to eject.
I use many other software publishers such as Panic, Apple, Google, GitHub, ... that never presents this dysfunction.

Here is the LaCie drive information:
Volume Name: LaCie
Volume type: Physical volume
BSD device node: disk2s2
Mounting Point: / Volumes / LaCie
File System: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
Connection: FireWire
Device Tree Path: IODeviceTree: / PCI0 @ 0 / RP03 @ 1C, 2 / FWBR @ 0 / FRWR @ 0 / node @ d04bc8140495e5 / sbp-2 @ c000
Writable: Yes
Case sensitive: No
UUID of the file system: F9BC4618-9EF9-3892-BDB9-E453240382B2
Volume capacity: 2,000,054,960 128
Available space (purgeable space + empty space): 1,226,711,334,912
Purgeable Space: 0
Free space: 1 226 711 334 912
Space used: 773,343,625,216
Number of files: 194,538
Properties enabled: No
Is encrypted: No
Supported System Integrity Protection: No
Verifiable: Yes
Repairable: Yes
Available: No
Logged: Yes
Record number: 2
Number of the score: 2
Name of the support:
Media Type: Generic
Ejectable: Yes
Parent Disks: disk2

Do you have any idea of ​​the source of dysfunction? Can I provide you with logs? If yes, which ones ?

Thank you for your help.

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  • Steph commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I forgot to mention that all this happens with the drop-down menu "File" only.

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