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    68 comments  ·  Adobe InDesign: Feature Requests » PDF Export  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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    Hi All,

    Since this feature ask includes "Export" as well, can you please let us the following?
    - Why you want to export comments from InDesign into PDF? Are these replies to reviewer comments?
    - Do you want to add new comments in InDesign ? If yes, please share some scenarios where you want to add comments.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quick question:

    As you can see in specs, there is an option to show all the comments on the Id layout. For example, text will be highlighted if reviewer had used the highlight tool. Similarly, for a drawing tool, corresponding drawing would be shown on layout.

    Consider the scenario: comments are shown on layout and user wants to edit the document. What is the
    expectation in this scenario?

    1) As soon as user starts to edit the document, all the comments hide automatically from layout (they will still be seen in the panel)
    2) As soon as user selects a page item, all the comments attached to that page items hide automatically. All other comments on the layout will remain visible
    3) Editing of document gets blocked until the time user hides all the comment on the layout
    4) All comments remain visible on layout while user is editing the document. User can hide comments manually if need be.

    Which option you prefer and why? We want to ensure that editing is not obstructed in any way.

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    Thanks Lindsey and Raja for your comments.

    Answers to your queries:
    1) Regarding unidentified comments: these will be comments which InDesign can't map properly if Id document had been modified before importing the comments. If document was not modified, all comments would map properly

    2) All imported comments will persist with the Id document. However, these comments will not be exported if Id document is exported as PDF

    3) Maintaining history of review round is not possible.

    4) XML functionality is not impacted with this feature. It will continue to work as before

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    Thank you everyone for your comments.

    Clearly most of you have the below requirement:
    Designer shares the PDF and wants the client/editor to add suggestions as comments in PDF. These comments should come back in InDesign. Designer can decide whether to incorporate those comments or not.

    This requirement is exactly similar to another UserVoice ask

    I will merge these 2 asks.

    Follow-up query:
    InCopy is specifically meant for editors/authors. Using InCopy, editors can make changes to the text in the ICML/ICMA file. Designer gets to know within InDesign that the editor has made changes to the text (text in InDesign file goes out of date). Designer can then choose to accept or reject the change.

    In short, InCopy addresses the requirements stated in this feature request.
    InCopy provides other benefits as well: editor can see copy fitting information in InCopy, can use the styles shared by the designer in the InCopy file etc.

    In this context, can you share the reasons on using PDF based workflow rather than working with your editors through InCopy? What are the problems you see with InDesign/InCopy workflow?

    Abhinav Agarwal

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    Hi All,.

    To better understand your workflows and pain-points around "sharing and reviewing" ,we have created a small survey

    Request you to take the survey and provide your inputs.

    Abhinav Agarwal
    Product Manager, InDesign

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    26 comments  ·  Adobe InDesign: Feature Requests » UI  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    The fix for this issue is now available in the latest update (14.0.2) of InDesign 2019.

    If you are unable to see the update notification, open the menu (three dots) from the top-right of Creative Cloud desktop application and click on ‘Check For App Updates’.
    Once the update button is shown against InDesign, click on the button to update to Id 14.0.2.

    If you face any problems with the new update, do let us know in the comments.

    The list of fixed issues can be found at:

    Adobe InDesign team

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    Thank you all for the feedback. We have added this ask for our next release. Will share more details soon.


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