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    CLOSED  ·  Abhinav Kaushik responded

    Hello All,

    Thank you for patience while we were investigating into the root cause of the issue.
    During our investigation we identified that the issue manifests due to Symentec DLP antivirus software.

    Please find below steps to whitelist the application:
    1. From the Enforce console select System > Agents >Application Monitoring.
    2. Select the application to white list. If it is not listed, click on “add application” and provide at least one of the required application binaries.(Refer to Symentec DLP_Console.png for reference)
    Note: DLP attempts to validate every field populated. We recommend using as few as fields as needed. If the whitelist seems to fail, try changing which required field is populated or removing one of the other fields.
    3. Uncheck all of the detection channels under the “Application Monitoring Configuration.”
    4. Click on save and verify the application in the list of monitoring activities is unchecked.
    5. After making…

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    Shannon Bexon commented  · 

    Apparently one other person in my office is now also experiencing the same issues - for him it started this week, so a few days later than me.

    Shannon Bexon supported this idea  · 
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    Shannon Bexon commented  · 

    I've suddenly started having a couple of issues in InDesign 2020 (15.0.2), running on Windows 10 Enterprise. I'm hoping someone may have some insight, thanks!

    The first problem that I noticed was that suddenly I could no longer open an InDesign file by double-clicking on the file. If I attempt to do this, a get a Crash Report window pop-up for InDesign 2020. The odd part is that the program itself doesn't actually crash. I can close the Crash Report window, InDesign 2020 is still running (though my file will not have opened). This happens no matter what InDesign file I try to open (I've tried many).

    If I try to open a file via the InDesign menu ('File' - 'Open', or 'File' - 'Open Recent'), or if I drag my file into InDesign, the file will open normally without any problems.

    This wasn't a huge concern but became annoying as I typically use the double-click method to open files - I tried restarting my computer but that escalated the problem. After restarting, InDesign crashed upon attempting to open it, every time (a couple of seconds after trying to open the program, the Crash window would come up - I wouldn't see a startup screen for InDesign or any visible indication that the program was trying to start up). Note that I only tried to open the program via my desktop shortcut and the Start menu, not through Creative Cloud Desktop.

    I then tried updating to the latest version of InDesign (15.0.2), at this point I thought I would try opening the program from Creative Cloud Desktop and that did work (perhaps it would have worked earlier as well, I didn't think to try it before updating). However all the previous issues remain (can't open InDesign by any other means, and cannot open InDesign files by double-clicking on them).

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