1. GDPR regulations demand that data collections turned of on the Publish Online feature for my client upload to their website.

  2. make data merge possible from Google Sheet without being forced to make csv

  3. Data merge to a formatted table for multiple catalog listing on one page in a single table.

  4. Cross-Reference won't save a <cs style="stylename"></cs> format. It just strips the tag out of the data.

  5. Please start using the standard path location of files. I'm struggling with data merge handling thousands of images, which I would love to d

  6. Printing Error: The Adobe Print Engine has failed to output your data due to an unknown problem  ·  Under Review

  7. PDF to InDesign. The only option is a $200 converter. Please give me a break. We pay enough. Your responses below say it is in backlog but v

  8. Type on a path on a master page does not appear on a resulting Data Merge PDF beyond the first record  ·  FIXED

  9. Data merge should be able to source images from a CC library. Currently I use images from a server and it crashes very often.

  10. In InDesign CC 2019 slow Reaction Time on clicking from one object to another.  ·  Closed: Fixed

  11. find/change search selection changes randomly

  12. Find and Search

  13. index marker grep bug in findchangelist

  14. Default Composer doesn't change via SDK

  15. QR code for EPC/Sepa cannot be generated in indesign

  16. InDesign CC 2019 (v14.0) is adding spaces between words when outlining type  ·  Closed: Fixed

  17. Add ability to name Grep-styles

  18. Find all except this Paragraph or Character Style

  19. Paragraph-style grep functions are unreliable

  20. Make GREP dot (Any Character) match Footnote Reference marker.

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