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  1. Spell check not working

    I have installed the latest version of ID, and the spell check is not working. It does not detect misspelled words.

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    Hello All,

    Thank you for your patience while we were investigating into the issue.
    Over the time this thread became too generic to come up with any actionable items for the team to work upon.

    As a result, we started reaching out to all of you to understand the issue in depth.
    During the course of this activity it was discovered that, for majority of you the issue was no longer reproducible and the functionality resumed working fine.
    For some of you the issue was related to incorrect use of dictionary, which was resolved by suggesting the correct method.

    For now, we have decided to close this thread. In case you are facing any issue with spellcheck functionality please create a new thread with more specifics so that we can start working on it asap.

    You can also reach out directly to us on

    -InDesign Team

  2. Use Auto-Sizing and Text Wrap Frame on causes application crash

    Environment: InDesign 2020 (15.0.2 Japanese version) + macOS (confirmed with 10.15.3 and 10.14.6)

    • create and connect two text frames

    • set Auto-Sizing "Height and Width" on Text Frame Options

    • Insert text into two frames full

    • overlay graphic frames with Text Wrap settings ON

    • move the graphic frame appropriately (drawing is not normal at this point)

    • close documents with Command + W

    During this operation, you will usually be asked to confirm the save, but suddenly InDesign will end and the application will crash.
    Also, if you try while overwriting with Command + S without Command + W, you may not be…

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    Based on internal investigation and customer comments, we have concluded that the issue got fixed in InDesign 15.0.2 and that issue happens with InDesign 15.0.1 version only.

    Please start a new thread in case you see the issue happen with InDesign 15.0.2


  3. No translation in French for the variable fonts panel in Indesign 2020

    1 - Indesign 2020 (15) - French version
    2 - Use a variable font

     Modify it with the properties panel or control bar

    3 - The interface should be in French
    4 - When the panel is shown the interface stay in english
    The variable fonts panel stay in English

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    Thank you for sharing the feedback with us.
    Please note that the design axes names are provided within the font itself, therefore the translated string for these axes names cannot be displayed unless the font designer has incorporated it in the font.

    However, Adobe Illustrator explicitly translates 5 predominantly used design axes names(Weight, Width, Slant, etc.), but this does not seems appropriate for fonts having more than 5 design axes(like Amstelva Alpha which has 16 axes).

    Hence the attribute names are not translated.

    InDesign Team

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