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    Closed: Fixed  ·  amaarora responded

    As confirmed by multiple users, this issue is fixed in latest version of InDesign.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    -InDesign Team

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    Tim J commented  · 

    Having quite a few issues with InDesign not recognising fonts that are installed on my computer and within packaged files. I've recently upgraded to Catalina Mac OS and am also up-to-date with InDesign v.15.0.3 but still the same issue.

    When I open the packaged InDesign file, it's saying that some of the fonts are not installed and need to be substituted - I can select the correct fonts but it doesn't update. Instead, the characters are displayed in place of the correct font. When in the design file and clicking on the characters, it shows that it's the correct font - clearly not.

    The packaged folder sits on a Google Drive file stream (synched to offline) which has never caused issues in the past. I also keep seeing multiple files call "AdobeFnt22.lst" appear in my google drive directory, nowhere near the packaged file location. When deleting all these files they just reappear sometime later. Totally stumped and highly frustrated as I'm not able to work on the packaged files.

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