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    Hello All,

    Following up on the comments stating that the issue is yet not fixed, we did our investigation and found that, the issues being called out in the comment section, though maybe relevant but are different than the one for which this thread was originally created.

    This particular thread caters to a very specific case which has been fixed in the last update of InDesign.

    If you continue to face performance related issues with InDesign, we sincerely request you to create a separate thread so that we can categorize the performance related issues and address them completely.
    In addition to track the performance issues effectively, it will also enable us to reach out to you in a organised manner when we investigate into each category of performance issues.

    We are extremely sorry for the troubles you are facing with InDesign and we are determined to resolve them as efficiently…

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    Michael commented  · 

    For ****'s sake Adobe, incompetence of your ******** IT team is really reaching new heights. I kept having the same problem but I assumed that perhaps a part of it is due to an ageing Yoga I've been working on.

    I'm now running a completely fresh install on a brand new laptop with a new i7, 32GB of RAM and an SSD - and what happened? I have a simple file with a few vector files and InDesign lags on the first objects selected after launch.

    This post was updated a few days ago so clearly the issue has not been fixed as I'm running the latest version.

    How the **** do you keep managing to keep ******* up your suite that's been in development for ******* 30 years?

    I do not want to explicitly describe what I would do with your team at this point. The chain of monumental **** ups and performance issues of your CC editions is so ******* long that I frankly don't remember running your rubbish software without any issues since I abandoned the CS6.

    Do your ******* job that you want to charge people money for. Clearly the monopolistic position you're in has caused you to grow fat and ******* lazy.

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