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    2 comments  ·  Adobe InDesign: Bugs » Crash  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    We have released an update for InDesign CC2019 (v 14.0.1) which contains some stability fixes. If you are not already on 14.0.1 (build 209), then we recommend you to update to latest version.

    If you still face this issue even after updating, please submit the crash report to us.
    (Guidelines to submit crash are available at

    Also, please send the following information to :

    • Reproducible Steps – What were you doing when InDesign crashed?
    • Error snapshot or video recording of the issue.
    • Is the issue related to a specific document(s)/asset(s)? If yes, can you please share the document(s)/asset(s) with us?
    • Does trashing InDesign Preferences and Cache help resolve the issue? Please take a backup of the same before trashing them.

    Adobe InDesign team

    Sandra commented  · is NOT A FIX!!. It worked fine last week. Starting this week (3.4.19) I can't package a document. Placed images need constant re-linking as I am working but their location has not changed. Program freezes multiple times a day. When I then force quit and re-open, ID also opens multiple "untitled" copies of the documents that were open when it froze. I have rebooted everything. I have de-installed and re-installed InDesign twice. Nothing works.

    I am also running OS 10.14.3. Hope someone can help, this is messed UP.

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