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    We've just released InDesign 17.2.1 version which addresses this issue.

    Please update to this latest version using Creative Cloud Desktop application.

    In case the fix does not work immediately for you, please try the following:

    1) Quit InDesign.

    2) Delete the following:

    on Mac:

    /Users/[yourname]/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign

    /Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign

    on Win:



    Relaunch InDesign & see if it works properly now.


    InDesign team

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    Jes Vang commented  · 

    Just updated to v17.2.1. The problem is NOT fixed!

    Windows 10 computer.

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    Jes Vang commented  · 

    I have the same issue! And I've only solved it - temporarily - by downgrading to v16.4. I've tried all suggested solutions. Here is my initial report. I hope the issue will get upvoted and fixed shortly!


    Originally posted here:

    I run Windows 10. Today I updated my Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro) to the latest versions and found that in InDesign - and only in InDesign - one* of my installed fonts were listed as "missing" when I tried to load the documents I had been working on previously.

    The font is not in the Typekit or the Adobe cloud font library. It's a bespoke font bought directly from the designers:

    The font is obviously installed in the Windows Font folder, so I tried re-installing it. No difference. Then I started troubleshooting. I copied the font to the Common --> Adobe --> Font folder. I tried clearing the Adobe font cache by deleting ALL instances of "adobefnt*.lst"-files. I uninstalled and re-installed InDesign. I downloaded the Adobe Cleaner Tool and scrubbed InDesign from my computer. I manually deleted all folders and files that had to do with InDesign in the Program Files and App Data folders, and I used CCleaner to remove all junk and clean up the registry between each (and there were many) reboots of the computer.

    Nothing helped. The font was still missing in InDesign, but present in all other programs (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word). I downgraded to version 17.1. Didn't help.

    Then I downgraded to InDesign version 16.4 (i.e. the 2021 version), and NOW the font is no longer missing and I can use it like previously. WTF!

    So this is me submitting this a bug for version 17.2 of InDesign for Windows (well, mine at least).

    *I found out later that it was more than one font that went missing, but I didn't check all the fonts in the Windows Font folder. Suffice to say, since it was more than one font - e.g. this bespoke one: - it seems that it's a program / coding error, possibly connected to TypeKit or cloud font sync? All the fonts are .OTF

    Jes Vang supported this idea  · 

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