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    Lauren Solomon commented  · 

    Adding some more information to this bug - I have witnessed this happening now on 3 different computers.

    My own computer and my coworkers computer on the same network - both upgrading to 2021 and uninstalling 2020 version after the fact.

    My husbands personal computer did this, different network - upgraded to 2021 but uninstalled 2020 version prior to upgrading.

    Additionally, I have a new laptop at work now that's been completely reformatted and has had the latest version on InDesign installed and the icons appear fine.

    I suspect something related to existing data from a previous version of InDesign not being properly purged when it's uninstalled and is clashing with icon information from the newer version. As mentioned in previous comments, right-clicking the file and changing the 'open with' default does not fix this, rebuilding the thumbnail cache of my PC does not fix this, restarting my pc does NOT fix this (and it's definitely the most futile suggestion so far), completely uninstalling all version of indesign and removing ALL preferences does not fix this either, using third-party software to manually assign different icons didn't even fix this for me.

    I do not want to have to format my computer just to fix a graphical bug that the Adobe team should be more than capable of fixing. I also don't have the skills to do any registry edit fixes as others on other forums have suggested either.

    Please fix this!!

    Lauren Solomon supported this idea  · 
    An error occurred while saving the comment
    Lauren Solomon commented  · 

    This problem has been happening to me as well since updating from InDesign 15.1.3 to 16.0.1.

    All of my INDD files have blank icons. IDML files are the only related files that I can see that is not affected and has the correct icon.

    I have tried the following:
    - Restarting my computer
    - Uninstalling InDesign completely (including removing preferences) and reinstalling
    - Rebuilding my Thumbnails Cache

    None of these have worked. The issue isn't present within the previous version of Indesign (15.1.3) as I also tried re-installing this version and the thumbnails worked perfectly. Additionally, this has not affected any other Adobe software that I have updated to the 2021 editions of (including Photoshop and Illustrator).

    Please fix this ASAP as I have many Indesign files in folders with mixed file extensions and the icon makes it a lot easier to identify the files I'm looking for.

    Attached is a screenshot of how the INDD file icon looks on my computer vs the IDML file icon.

    This also appears to be happening on my Husbands personal computer that has Indesign as well. I am experiencing this issue on my company laptop that has completely different specs and different versions of Windows.

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