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Adobe InDesign: Bugs

When filing a new bug, please provide:

  1. Version of Adobe InDesign, InCopy or InDesign Server
  2. Steps to reproduce the issues
  3. Expected result
  4. Actual result
  5. Test file, screenshot, video or GIF capturing the issue (optional)
If you are facing a crash in InDesign, please submit the crash report as well. How to Submit Crash Report
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1 result found

  1. Errors in file creation means that some devices cannot open epub file. ID Version 19.3

    E-Pub checker defines issues consistently
    "data-idGenAnimationEndState" is not a valid custom data attribute (it must have at least one character
    after the hyphen, be XML-compatible, and not contain ASCIl uppercase letters). The errors are always in reference to lines 17 and 20 in the code. When I attempted to load the file I received notice: The (ID created files) are 'not supported' and cannot be uploaded to this site. The publications with these errors contain gifs. They play ok on my mac and android devices though not on some similar devices.

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    Please send the following information to :

    • Reproducible Steps – What were you doing when the issue occurred?
    • Video recording of the issue
    • Is(Are) the issue related to a specific document(s)/asset(s)? If yes, could you provide the document(s)/asset(s) to us? Please package the entire document (To package the document, choose File → Package…)

    Adobe InDesign Team

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