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    Need more info  ·  Anonymous responded

    Thanks for making this request. In order to understand the use-case more better I have a few questions:

    1. Whats the role of the different people working collaboratively on the same file. Are they always only designers or are other personas also involved.
    2. What is the use-case here, some parts of this request suggest an Editorial collaboration whereas others suggest collaboration amongst different designers. I am trying to separate these 2 requests out.
    3. What are the different kind of files (brochures, books, magazines etc) for which this is required.
    4. Does it need to be a web based service, or having the user be able to collaborate on one shared file using InDesign or InCopy on the Desktop will work? What is the advantage you feel over a web-service over the desktop app?
    5. How do you workaround this need today? What are the most important problems with…

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    Kacper commented  · 

    We're an innovation strategy design consultancy and we're working with designers that are collaborating while being in different parts of the world. We need a tool for collaborative presentation and report making.

    We love InDesign but we can't work together on one document. Now we're using Google Slides. The collaborative features of Google Slides is amazing. We can stay connected via Skype whole work day and see what other person is doing, giving constant feedback and basically work as if we're in one room. I cannot stress enough how much value that brings to our workflow. The layout features of Google Slides... remain basic. From simple stuff like ALT + mouse wheel to zoom, through permanently invisible abject/ text container outlines, no simple ability to lock objects, no global font styles... the list is quite long...

    As designers, the highest visual quality of the work is key for us. We tried to stay with InDesign (which we love!), but when push comes to shove we just have to switch to Google Slides. It is just more convenient tool. We'd rather deliver a slightly aesthetically simpler content and struggle with the Google Slides interface ,than sacrifice the communication time gains that we're getting from Google Slides.

    Here's what we think we want: Google Slides Collaboration Experience with InDesign layout tools and interface.

    The lack of this collaborative features seriously messes with our standards... Please.. we'll buy a lot of licences ;)

    Kacper supported this idea  · 

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