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    Hello All,

    Thank you for reporting the issue to us.
    We have fixed the issue in the latest version of InDesign, Id 14.0.3

    Please upgrade your InDesign application to the latest version to try out the fix.

    If you are unable to see the update yet, go to Creative Cloud desktop application, open the menu (three dots) from the top-right corner and click on ‘Check For App Updates’.

    If you face any problems with the new update, do let us know in the comments.

    You may also follow the below given link for the list of all fixed issues in Id 14.0.3

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    Lab Man commented  · 

    It just happened again. This time, the job was a letter with no barcode. To be precise – I did 11 separate outputs, using 5 InDesign files linked to 5 different .csv files. The reason there are more outputs than files – I output in batches with large .csv files.

    After I finished outputting all of them, I checked the PDF results – all 11 of them. It just so happened – the 2nd output was bad. This was from the 2nd file, first output. The csv file being used has 4218 records. The bad output was for records 1-2000. In the bad output, the first record is 92. It finishes through record 2000. Then the last part of the output is unpopulated. The very next output batch using the same list – for records 2001-4218 - was OK.

    After noticing the faulty output, I did not quit InDesign. I just tried opening up the file, and reexporting records 1-2000. the result was good - no problem! So there was no need to quit InDesign and relaunch.

    But this problem has got to be fixed. Otherwise, I can't trust my output and I waste time checking the final record of each and every export. There is another operator here, using an iMac, same version of InDesign, but he is running Sierra instead of High Sierra. He has not encountered this problem yet. He doesn't do as much data work as I do, so not as much opportunity.

    If it matters – it seems the number of bad records in the faulty output is never a lot. Like with the example just now – out of 2000, it was only the first 91 records missing. This is always the case – a small percentage of the output is in error. It's always random, but always a small part that's no good.

    I hope this all makes sense. Surely someone else has seen this problem?

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    Lab Man commented  · 

    I trashed preferences, thinking that might help but it didn't. I experienced the issue again just now. Today I have output several different files using many different csv files with Data Merge. I had 8 successful outputs. Then the same issue happened again – records not populating. I was alerted to the problem because I am using USPS IMB barcode font. Outputting using X-4 standard, and I get a missing glyph error. This is because the font only has 4 glyphs – F-A-T-D – and when the barcode field does not populate, the error comes up. It is a good way to catch the problem. But the font is not related to the problem – I have had this same merge issue when not using the barcode font. No missing glyphs then. The only way to catch the error in that case is open the PDF, check the last record – if it's populated, ID output correctly. Because the error always happens at the end of the output.

    Quitting out of InDesign and relaunching corrects the problem. But it will happen again with some later output. It is random. Has anyone else had this issue, or a similar issue – ID not populating the fields when exporting a PDF using Data Merge?

    To reiterate – on the faulty output, the merge begins with a random record, and outputs all records thereafter, to the end of the csv. Then the remaining pages of the PDF result have unpopulated fields. So for example, I am exporting a list with 4089 records. ID might start the output with record 812. It will output records 812 - 4089. Then it will finish the output and create a PDF that is the correct page count for 4089 records. But the first 811 records are missing, and the last 811 in the PDF are not populated.

    If I don't catch it, we end up with a bad print run, or worse a bad mailing. It's a serious problem. Thank you for any input.

    Lab Man shared this idea  · 

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