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    Till Krueger commented  · 

    @Tudor Vedeanu : Just a shot in the dark, but did you get to the page where you have to agree to the terms? I was stuck there for a bit until I realized that you do *have* to click on the terms before you can agree to enter the program...maybe Adobe's programming logic is smart enough to not enroll people in the program until they properly agreed to the terms? Just a wild guess.

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    Till Krueger commented  · 

    I also find it ludicrous that Adobe would EOL a well-working beta *before* providing a working alternative!

    But hey, it's not like the Adobe Suite is a professional software suite that millions of people and agencies rely on for their daily bread and pay good money for to not be left out in the rain...

    Get a grip, Adobe, and have some respect for your customers!!


    EDIT 05/20/2021:

    After following the instructions, I was also able to install the InDesign Prerelease, which appears to be the same version as the EOL'd Beta, just re-labeled as Prerelease, so I take back what I stated above...all I had to do was RTFM :-/

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