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    Need More Info  ·  Anonymous responded

    Thanks for making this request. In order to understand the use-case more better I have a few questions:

    1. Whats the role of the different people working collaboratively on the same file. Are they always only designers or are other personas also involved.
    2. What is the use-case here, some parts of this request suggest an Editorial collaboration whereas others suggest collaboration amongst different designers. I am trying to separate these 2 requests out.
    3. What are the different kind of files (brochures, books, magazines etc) for which this is required.
    4. Does it need to be a web based service, or having the user be able to collaborate on one shared file using InDesign or InCopy on the Desktop will work? What is the advantage you feel over a web-service over the desktop app?
    5. How do you workaround this need today? What are the most important problems with…

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    Fitz Vo commented  · 

    1. They are not always designers, but as a lead editor, one can have designers working on a page layout, while the lead can provide feedback, or have a bird's eye view of what others are doing in the same document.
    2. One situation might involve two designers working on a page - one is able to fill out the text in a document's placeholder text, while the other can help import visuals - like pieces to a puzzle.
    3. A magazine style works.
    4. Doesn't need to be a web service, but if it's a web service, then it's easier to simultaneously work on a document.
    5. We have the tedious process of creating individual pages shared via Google Team Drive for designers to work on one at a time, but if there's different levels of access - Designer, editor, writer, then it would be much simpler to manage.

    Fitz Vo supported this idea  · 

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