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Brian Stokes

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    Customer comments

    • InDesign lags when rearranging text boxes, adding image frames, adjusting frames that already exist
    • Selecting an item (e.g. text frame) in small and really uncomplicated documents has slight but very noticeable delays/lags, almost as if the click hangs and makes the item drag a little instead of just being selected.
    • Performance degradation is observed if more than 1 document is opened
    • Creating packages (File > Package) takes so much time – especially collecting image files into the Links-folder. This behavior is generally observed with Illustrator files.
    • Performance degradation is observed while working on indd document and not with the IDML of the indd document.
    • Lag observed for almost every action from selecting objects, resizing objects, or moving objects

    Troubleshooting steps tried to resolve issues

    • Disable 3rd party plugins - One of the customer has tried with Suitcase Fusion but there was no improvement in the performance.


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    Brian Stokes commented  · 

    Well, it's not just Illustrator that's gone downhill (or, more aptly, fallen off of a cliff), it's InDesign, too. I thought the slowness and lag in ID was due to my old computer, but I have a brand new, top-of-the-line iMac and the latest version of InDesign. Almost anything I do has a lag from input to execution. A split second lag is the best case scenario, but the spinning wheel of death is the norm. What the ****??? I'm working with 2 page documents that are under 4 mb. I'm so sick of paying a premium for inferior product—especially when I know how well Adobe programs used to work. Using Adobe products has become an exercise in not losing my sh*t and throwing my computer through the window. Does Adobe ever even consider working with their users to address problems? Or are you just more concerned with adding marginally useful bells and whistles?

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