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    In Backlog  ·  Anonymous responded

    Thanks for the info. This is indeed correct that since the various artboards come in as a layers the dimensions are of the entire document which can be problematic. Adding this to our backlog.

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    bbhoff commented  · 

    Javed, thanks for the reply. I'm afraid that's not quite accurate.

    The dialog for "Show Import Options" has three tabs: Image, Color, and Layers. In the Layers tab you can turn on or off the layers you'd like to show. A Photoshop document that has artboards lists the artboards as layer groups in this dialog. But if you turn off all the layer groups except for the one artboard you'd like to place into your InDesign document, it still places the full dimensions of the Photoshop file into the bounding box with only the artboard layers showing.

    This is problematic because there is no simple way to crop the bounding box around just the artboard we want without a whole lot of manual adjustment. Scaling is also a pain because the viewable artboard isn't considered the center, so scaling the image pushes it out of the bounding box. Also, if we were to go back into Photoshop and add a new artboard, the placed artboard(s) in InDesign all get shifted within thier bounding boxes because it thinks the full Photoshop file just got bigger.

    It can be very frustrating when you have a document full of placed artboards and suddenly you have to go back and manually adjust every single instance.

    When placing an Illustrator artboard, or nesting an InDesign document inside another InDesign document, the placed file is cropped to the artboard size. It's also freed from all the other elements (or artboards) that are inside the original document but not part of that artboard, which helps keep the page clean and easy to manage/layout.

    I hope that helps clarify the needed feature.


    bbhoff shared this idea  · 

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