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    Partial Fix  ·  amaarora responded

    1. The majority of InDesign Scripting threads were merged and archived at first.
    2. After a month or so, InDesign Scripting re-appeared as its own topic in the new forums.
    3. David K. started un-archiving older threads last week, a few at a time, very slowly and by hand, because of odd server-side limitations.
    4. There is no “Direct Link” to the Scripting Topic at this time, but this ought to be fixed with the current sprint from the forums team. The internal bug number is: ALFD-1530

    While we wait for ALFD-1530, there is a backdoor way to find direct links to topics. You can follow a topic then look at your follows… or just use these links:

    • InDesign Scripting:
    • InDesign SDK:
    • InDesign Server Developers:


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    Stephen M. Shapiro commented  · 

    In the 1980's I used the GREAT program PAGEMAKER, in my work as an illustrator and for home use inn composing my private illustrated emails. It was an eidetic program where I could set type and place photos and adjust the size of type and size and shape and cropping by just looking at it and moving the pieces around to fit my purposes.

    Then you trashed the program and said you were replacing it with InDesign. What a joke. To use ID you have to be an engineer, and spend countless hours figuring out how all the hidden features work. No one knows them all.

    Never the less, I attempted to download my ID program into my new computer as to old one had crashed, after many years of ervice. This took four (4) hours of frustrating back and forth with your Customer Service department. I had permitted them to take over my computer for this [Help].

    Your instructions were so confusing that I had to resort to this system for help. However, I found that while I was able to open my Adobe Account, with my PASSWORD, to get my account registration, the sign in for the DOWNNLOAD, could not recognize it. It kept asking for a new password ; as if I had forgotten it. After complying with the request for a new password several times I finally caught up with the system and got to 2nd base.

    Now , the form wanted my 20 digit serial numbers for the former program. It couldn't simply say "Pagemaker" or "Original" program. It took an hour to determine that they wanted PageMalker's serial number.

    Lucky me, I had all the disks and envelopes in my file (upstairs, an elevator ride away).

    You really must try to do this yourself someday.

    I doubt if I will go back and use the program now.

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