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InDesign Beta Features

Text to Image in InDesign Beta app

Generate images for your designs using simple text prompts. Powered by Adobe Firefly Generative AI technology, this innovative feature lets you create realistic images in no time. Simply provide a brief description of the image you have in mind, and InDesign will generate multiple variations for you to explore.

How to Get Started
  • Install the InDesign Beta app from the Beta section in the Creative Cloud Desktop (CCD) app.
  • If you don't see the beta app, go to Help > Check for Updates or try logging out and back into the Creative Cloud Desktop app.
Note: This is a geographically limited rollout. Currently, Text to Image is only available to users in English in the United States of America.

You can use this forum to submit a bug or a feature request specifically for InDesign (Beta).

Explore other features in the InDesign Beta app

In case of a bug, please help us with the following information:

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  2. Steps to reproduce the issues
  3. Expected result
  4. Actual result
  5. Test file, screenshot, video, or GIF capturing the issue (optional)

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InDesign Beta Features


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