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1 result found

  1. [macOS] soft return converted to hard return in InDesign Tagged Text

    Affected version:
    14.0.3 [macOS]

    Steps to reproduce:
    In a New document, make a new text container.
    Enter this sample text:
    “line1 \n line2 \r line3 \n line4”
    where \n = shift+return
    and \r = return
    Set space before or space after to 0.125”
    Export as Adobe InDesign Tagged Text, Unicode format.
    Import result using File > Place

    Expected result
    Soft returns and hard returns

    Actual result
    Hard returns only (soft returns converted)

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    Thanks for your patience all this while. We investigated on this issue and below are our findings. The problem with this bug is related to ages old standards difference between different operating systems.
    On Mac (OS X and later) there is only one way to identify line end i.e by using a single character LF, while on Windows (and DOS before it) uses a pair of CR and LF characters to terminate lines.
    Hence when writing them down to any text file these characters are written as such.
    Windows, can therefore dedicate LF to understand soft return separately while Mac cannot do any
    such thing. Because of this when we read it back from the text file the LF character is interpreted as line break (or new para) on Mac and soft return on Windows.

    These files require conversion when moved from one OS to another

    Consider this…

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